Thursday, October 29, 2009

New things are happening everyday!

There have been so many things happening lately, I haven't been able to keep up with them!

First off, Avi is still cute!  But you can see she's growing. She doesn't exactly fit into the hat she wore as a newborn!!!

She's still love to nap in the Ergo Baby(the best carrier in the world), but just recently she started holding on to the straps.

She's also holding on to her "lovey" a little brown and white dog.  She likes putting this in her mouth - interesting texture!

She still likes to poop.  Here is one of her most fantastic pooing adventures.  We visited Grammy in Fresno and she wore disposable diapers while there (we're used to her being in cloth diapers which keep accidents in better).  Grammy and mom kept commenting on how cute it was that her little crack was showing.  Warning to all parents: it is NOT cute what follows a showing crack - poo explosion. Lucky for Mom, Avi was on Grammy, not Mommy while this happened!  Sorry, Peggy!

Here's a picture of her the first time she picked up something on her own.  She is about 3.5 months old.  How it happened:  I laid her on her play mat, and walked out of the room for about 45 seconds.  When I returned, she had picked up her little stuffed toy laying next to her. Neither Michael or I saw it - what a shame!

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  1. Um, honey, we might want to reconsider posting Avi's fecal matter. I'd like for her to stick around for a while and not leave us when she becomes a teenager.