Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas everyday.

With Avi it's like Christmas everyday.  You know that feeling you got Christmas Eve as a kid: anticipating the next morning with great relish while enjoying the moments of waiting because even waiting was fun.  Well, that's how I feel with Avi.  Everyday I look forward to because I get to unwrap her again.  And the present I cherish because I know this is as good as it gets, too.  Before Avi, I would count my days by marking off events that were to come, like: 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving vacation and I get to see my family, or only 8 more days and we're going to Europe, or 3 more days until the weekend... and so on.  Now, I look forward to everyday, because I know Avi will be there, and who knows what she'll do - what gift she'll give us that day.  I not only look forward to every tomorrow with Avi, but I also dream of her "firsts".  Her first word, her first time down a waterslide, her first puppy...  I am so happy I have her to share this life with.  And Michael's not that bad either!


  1. My sweet Avi, is so very lucky to have such wonderful parents!!! I am so very proud of both of you. It brings tears of joy to my eyes watching you both showering her with such LOVE.
    Love and Kisses, Mom Jules

  2. What a sweet little one! It was so nice to meet her! She did such a great job helping you with the photoshoot! :)