Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wise words from a friend...

Among the many thoughtful gifts and words at our recent baby shower hosted by our incredible neighbors, were a few words from one neighbor in particular. I'd (Michael) like to share those here, since it made my brain swell to medically-dangerous proportions and it added at least a thousand years of wisdom to my age. Consequently, I now look like Mr. Magoo, nobody recognizes me, and if the wind outside my window picks up, there will be nothing left but dust on my keyboard. Here's what she wrote:
"Maren & Michael, I have come to believe that babies carry all our hopes & best intentions for our universe, world, country, state, town, family, souls. Such innocence and squirming reaction! When we nurture them it nurtures us, & can be us at our best... Get ready for questions that force you to define your beliefs... Love, Candia"

I read those "questions" she refers to as questions that will be coming from our child, questions that will challenge both my idealism about raising a child as well as my pragmatism about living in our paradoxical world. Holy crap, it's enough that I got my own big Questions that insist on swirling around me, you mean I have to make room for more of those in my personal cosmos? 
I'm already tired. And old. Wind, come quickly.   

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