Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Last "Official" Date Night

Everyone's been telling us to enjoy your last days as two, because soon you'll be three!  Well, we've been taking full advantage of our last days together.  We sleep in, take walks, watch movies in bed (sometimes a double feature), go places on the spur of the moment (like the late-night beach walk we had the other night at 1:00am).  Recently, we went to Cambria in our little motorhome and had an extended date.  We started with a personal tour at NitWitt Ridge - the poor man's Hearst Castle (see pictures below).  Then we had a nice dinner on the water and watched whales jumping as they migrated North.  Finally, we topped the night by going to a play written by a friend of ours at a small playhouse in Cambria.  It was a memorable day - just the 2.5 of us!

Maren standing in front of NitWitt Ridge in Cambria.

When a beer was finished, the can wasn't thrown away, it was built into a wall!  To this man there was no such thing as "trash"!

Michael walking down some stairs while holding on to the railing.  If you look closely, you'll see the railing is actually water piping.  This water pipe actually carried water over the property to water plants.  I love the multiple uses!

Michael and Maren kissing under the "Chapel" arch at NitWitt Ridge.

On the ride home from Cambria, the moon shining on the water between Cayucos and Morro Bay was captivating!  We pulled over and just admired the beauty.  We used a 4 second shutter speed to capture the moonlight. 

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