Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today could be the day!

Today I'm at 37 weeks pregnant. All along, when people ask when I'm due, I respond, "My due WINDOW is June 10- July 22." There are several reasons I'm not up to sharing my due date: 1. is I don't believe in it! How many babies are actually born the exact day they were "due"? 2. Baby is fully "cooked" and would be totally safe and normal to come today (3 weeks early)! On the flip side, babies are safe, normal, and healthy to hang out in the womb for an extra couple of weeks after the "official" due date. Modern medicine doesn't like this, and will usually start pestering a woman to be induced if she is even one week late, but there is really no need to do that! I liked the warmth of my mommy's womb so much I hung out for an extra 2 weeks visit, and my birth was normal and uncomplicated (unlike the person I turned out to be - ha!). 3. Isn't putting a due date on a baby already setting expectations - even before the child is born? I hope to be a parent who doesn't demand/expect certain developments by a certain age, but rather allows the child to develop at her own rate.

So, if you want to make me happy, ask "what's your due window?"

She may be ready, but I know I am not. I still am liking my sleep, being to talk to Michael without having someone else vie for my attention, and being able to leave the house without having to pack extra bags and an extra person. Am I ready to be a mom? I am scared! Not so much about the birth, that will come and go, and be over sooner than a bad stomach flu bug, but parenting lasts forever! That's what I'm scared about - especially the first 3-4 years where they can't use reason or use logic to communicate. Even though I do have these fears of parenting, I am also trying to look at the exciting parts: like seeing her face, looking forward to her first words, and seeing Michael delight in her.

Here's to baby B being born any day, week or month, now!

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  1. Maren,
    What a beautiful attitude and such beautiful words. Once again, your baby blog is making me teary-eyed. I have to say I really look up to you and Michael...this is going to be an amazing amazing adventure!