Monday, December 15, 2008

Tierra Nueva Announcement

This little ornament topped the surprise cake I receieved. The scary thing is: it's larger than the real baby in my belly - at least right now!

We let the good news out to our friends and neighbors in Tierra Nueva Cohousing last Saturday night during (an amazing Armenian inspired) dinner. I stood up and introduced my brother and sister-in-law, who were visiting (and totally jealous they didn't have dinners like this made for them). After I introduced them, I kept standing while I asked the group for their opinion on an issue I had. See, when you sign up to eat a meal, your meal ticket is "punched" for $3.50 to reimburse the cook(s) for the meal. So, I asked the group if they think I should still only punch my ticket for "1 adult" or should I have it punched for "1 adult, 1 child" since I am now feeding two? Everyone just stared at me for about 3 seconds, except for one mother who instantly got it (go, Caity!) Once everyone got the joke, they were so excited - they all wanted to hug me. At these times I feel sorry for Michael who is usually overlooked and ignored - as if he had nothing to do with the miracle in my belly. Poor Michael. Anyways, one neighbor, who I confided in earlier, knew I was going to share the news, so she and her husband had a cake ready to present. Thanks, Paula and James. Talk about love! Thanks Tierra Nueva for making our experience a happy one!

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