Monday, December 15, 2008

The Mother-in-Law from Heaven!

Many women say they've got a "mother-in-law from hell", well I get to say the exact opposite. Michael's mother, Julia, is an angel from heaven. Really. She always has been. From the moment I met her she has been sweet, kind, loving, caring, understanding, playful, generous, respectful and gracious. So, when I called her the other night to give her an update on things and she asked if Michael was going to have dinner ready for me when I got home, I had to tell her the truth. "No, mom, Michael does the dishes and I cook", "Yes, even if I get home at 7:00pm, he still won't have anything made to eat - that's just the way it works." She did not take this lightly. She said she was going to email him. Well, the next day I asked Michael to forward me the email. He wouldn't! I asked him what it said, and he dodged the question, saying "you know what it says." Well, I didn't, but I sure was curious! So, next time I talked with Julia she said she would send me the email. Here it is, in all it's original glory (men, pay attention!):

Hi, my beautiful son, How are you doing? Has life changed since you are going to be a Daddy?
Thank You for the baby blog. I'll be sure to keep in-touch. Hey, Michael, there are a few rules you need to know now that Maren is pregnant.You probably are already doing these things because you're such a wonderful husband, but as your Mom, I have to let you know anyway. 1. Be understanding of her condition, she is carrying a very valuable miracle. 2. You should make sure she doesn't over do anything. 3. Do most of the errands. 4. By now you should be doing 80% of the cooking and cleaning. 5.Whenever she has any cravings,no matter what time they are, try to accommodate her. 6.Rub her feet, back, tummy. legs,etc. 7. Don't burden her with nonsense. 8. Listen to whatever she has to say, she is going to be right 90% of the time. 9.Do special little some-things for 5 times a week.10. Most important, Love Her!!!!
Like I said I'm sure you are already doing these things, because that's just the way you are, right?
I forgot one other thing, make sure she gets plenty of rest and gets good food to eat. Also, don't let her drive too much.
I Love you and miss you very much.

I L-O-V-E this woman!

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