Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sayings of a 4 year old

In Avis soup "Watermelon beans creamer salsa that's all! Oh & onions!"

Mom: Avi, why don't you want to eat this blackberry that has white on it?
What's white & falls from the sky?
Avi: Clouds??
Mom: (Laughs) No… bird poop!

"Daddy, I'm glad you came to earth. I'm happy that you're in the world & that you come with us where we go."

Mom: Hold on Avi I'm texting someone.
Avi: Can you text Winnie the Pooh?

"Boys & girls get married so they can see each other everyday."

Maren's upset because she couldn't control her feelings. - Michael  (I had to write this because Michael said it to Avi.  But it was so true for our 4-year-old as well as any adult! Ha!)

"Mila is so cute & chubby. That's just the kind of sissy I wished for. Now she's here & I'm so happy because she came into the earth & I like her."

"I'm happy when you're my mommy."

"That was a loud woodpecker! It was pecking at my butt." (Totally straight faces after a long sustained toot!)

Going to sushi. "Are they chApsticks there?"

Mom: Is that vest going to be warm enough?
Avi: I'm almost 5. I'm not even cold!

"I love you beautiful big fat ocean love you because you're always there. You never stop filling with water."

Avi to Mila: "You're my favorite sister ever. I don't ever want to take you back to mom's  belly."

We saw some cows from the train window & Avi asked: are those wild cows?