Friday, June 6, 2014

Aveah's 5th Birthday Party!

She said she wanted princesses and candy as the theme!  Yup, she's a 5-year-old girl, all right!  
Lucy, Halle, Aveah, Macy

Jumping in the princess bounce house (she picked that over a swim party, a waterside party, and a musician party) in her thrift store frilly dress.

Katelyn, Kendall, Halle, Aveah, Macy, Lucy, Vienne and Eva are ready to go on a scavenger hunt!

going from place to place collecting loot.

Of course, candy bracelets were one of the prizes to find!

Halle, Lucy, Mikey, Macy, Aveah, and Lina search the Cutting Garden for prizes.

Happy sugary kids!

Afterwards, for months afterwards, Avi called this her "fake birthday" since it wasn't held on her actually birthday date (we were on the East Coast on June 27th).

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