Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sayings of a 5-year-old Aveah and 2-year-old Mila!

"Look how light my legs got. They are almost as light as Maren's" - Avi.  (Ok, yes, she can really tan; but Maren's not pale!)

"I don't feel like I have to go poops, but my butt has to go." Avi, Sept 2014

Mila Favorite animal at age 2: ducks, age 2.5: Elmo, likes to call everything peanuts for about 2 weeks. Then calls everything Pizza.  It's like her punchline for anything! Mila what do you want to be for Halloween? Pizza. What should we call the baby? Pizza.

"What's the sky for, mommy?" - Avi

"She's cute even when she cries" Avi about Ziah

Maren: "Mila what do you want to do today?"  Mila: "Hmmm… Put my pants on."

Avi: Mom, is Ziah a newborn anymore?  Mom: No, she's an infant. Avi: An infant?! That sorta sounds like an orphan!

Mom: Yeah, I want a bunny too, but I'm waiting until I feel you're responsible to clean up. Avi: Oh I didn't think about that; I just thunk about the cuteness.

Mom: You know what a penis is, right? Avi: yeah, it's a boy's vagina

Avi sneezed three times, and then said "I'm okay!"

"Awwww… That's so pink." (meaning that is so "cute") -Mila, age 2

"Mommy, is the moon an egg?" Mila, age 2.75