Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 (draft)

Mila is such a natural builder, I wonder if she will do something with math or engineering or design somehow someday.  She loves building with these blocks in the bath.

a Wild and Free meet-up at TN Green

They were nature journaling.  Well, I look over and see they are trying to trace a live worm!  Ha ha!

microwave a dove soap bar and viola - squishy fun times!

Gianna's family celebrating Pi Day (3/14/15)

Fun after-party at Caity and Stefan's.

we take dates whenever we can get them.  Our friend Francine was watching the older girls, so we napped on our new grass!

swimming with Lucy!

a ship at Pirate's Cove. 

Picnic with lots of yummy things. (I was hoping Ziah might nap, so I zipped her up, but she was more interested in life, than sleep.)

Mila's outfit!

Mila getting Odin to play dress up!

getting ready (extra early) for our trip to Hawaii next month!

so many books not enough time!

oh, those hands!

she has so much love!  

back from Rutiz farms!

Just Ziah and I on a date!  I love this little girl!  We had so much fun!

Nature writing by Avi!

Avi, Mila and Ziah  - all ages 3 months!

Pacha, me and Z, Carly

Putting Ziah to sleep while walking Hannah's yard.

Satiya and Mila

She was so asleep I was able to lay her down in Hannah's bed.

She's so deliciously chunky!

Just an average moment after Mila's done looking for something to wear.  She pulls EVERYthing out!

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this?!

Juniper, River and Mila "painting"

Nature Gang mamas

She fell asleep like this.  I just set her down on the couch and next time I looked over she was asleep. Oh, newborns are easy!

Art class in the Hus

designing their own outfits!

when babies don't know how to roll yet.

Avi chose sushi with me.   Mila chose pizza with Michael.  Ziah chose milk.

She just fell asleep in PapPap's arms.  Love this so much!

Happy birthday PapPap!

Crazy dinner at Bette and Frank's where Frank scared the girls with "namestake"

Oh, the best memories are sometimes made before you even get up!

Easter at Sitti's!
a learning moment.  Mila was sad about not getting the right color egg.

Avi: I'm glad we don't have alcoholics or drugs smokers or people who litter in our family!