Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ziah's Newborn Shoot

I love everything about her!

…and this is why newborn shoots are so difficult!  But about 4 seconds later she was back asleep!

The first spelling of her name.  We (meaning Michael) finally agreed on Zaia about the 4th day she was alive.  But then by the 7th day he wanted to change the spelling to Ziah before we filled out the birth certificate.  Guess it's a good thing, she's sorta pouty with this spelling - joking!  

Moving a sleepy head for the shoot!

The work hazards of a newborn shoot - poop!

Mila loves her so much - maybe Mila will "love her to death" if we don't step in!

Avi "posed" or planned this arrangement of this picture of her and Ziah.

The best family picture we could capture!

 me and my girls!  I'm a happy momma!

The hat both her sisters have worn that our neighbor knit for us!

Avi pretending she's mad at Mila!

Avi protecting Ziah from an overzealous Mila.  Mila is much better now at being appropriately affectionate with Ziah.  

She's just soooo thrilled - I mean SOOOOO thrilled to hold her baby sister!

Almost 5 and a half!


Mila is officailly 2 and a half!

True love!

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