Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our new baby.

Ziah, you are loved so much!  Mila really takes it so seriously when she can hold you and is always talking to you, saying sweet things like "It's okay, Ziah," the second you start to cry.  And Aveah is so thrilled to see you - she smiles biggest at you when she sees you first in the morning or races upstairs to be the first to get you from a sleeping nap.  And you smile just upon hearing your sisters enter the room.
About you: you are a gift.  An perfect surprise gift - the best kind!  On Christmas Eve, I held you in my arms and sung "Away in a Manger" to you.  I was dropping tears of joy on you as you slept peacefully. I felt such connection between Mary who shared this precious gift - a true gift from God - in her arms some two thousand years ago.  I was connected to all mothers and all babies.  All gratitude in this beautiful planet was mine as I held you, my newborn baby, on this dark Christmas Eve night - though everything was light.  I hope you, all my daughters experience this deep love and connection, somehow, somewhere in your life.  And may you always be grateful for your homes, beds and all you have.  "No crib for a bed… The stars in the sky look down where he lay."  Be grateful for the stars.  
A note about your father: he is so kind and patient with you, Ziah.  He's finally coming into being a father, and is really savoring moments with you.  Then he rough houses or plays "horsey" with Mila (which she loves!) and then has talks or dances with Avi.  It's so fulfilling seeing him have fun with each of you in his daddy way.  

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