Friday, February 7, 2014

Parent Participation for Two!

Mila is really starting to enjoy Avi's 3 & 4 year old parent participation classes. When we arrive at school, she's as anxious to get out of the car as Aveah is!

 I love watching them play together.  This picture really makes Avi look much taller thank Mila.

Silly Mila crawling across the floor with her tongue hanging out!

Mila does pretty good at sitting down during circle time!

Avi has her name tag and is ready to go!

Silly Avi acts all crazy happy when her name is sung during opening circle song.

Mila entertains herself when circle time gets boring for her.  Avi is concentrating on what Teacher Dina is saying. 

Avi is running to pizza toppings on, while Mila is very upset because she didn't get any toppings herself. 

Mila's doll, Mila, Avi, and Mimi all dancing!

snack time!  can't believe Mila is big enough to sit at the table with all the 4-year-olds

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