Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014

The annual tradition of the TN Polar Dip!

Candia brought hot water to pour over us afterwards!

 Make a clean fresh bed and kids will come!

At Tessa's 1st re-birthday (celebrating 1 year after her bone marrow transplant).

Avi showing her friends how things work. 

Mila happily exploring something on her own.

Oh, boy!  Are we in for some trouble… ;)

 A hot day in January, so we walked to the creek near our house, but the water was cold and all the bees were at the edge drinking water, so we didn't stay long.  But it was still a nice little adventure.

I hurt my knee (broke my knee cap after two large wrestling dogs plowed into the side of leg).  So, we went to Fresno, where my parents so graciously watched my kids while I laid in bed waiting for my leg to feel better.  My mom would wake up in the middle of the night (often several times a night) to bring Mila to my side to breastfeed. My dad drove me all over Fresno to doctors appointments all day long.   Thank you so much, parents!

 The only bathtub at my parents (beside the hot tub)!

Boppy took Avi to see "Frozen" (Avi's third time to see it)!

I learned a new song on the ukelele to play for Michael when we returned home. 

Avi learning to button her sweater.

Avi's first packed lunch - we dropped her off at Art Class.

Four pieces of art in under 2 hours!

Aveah's first self portrait.  It's just hair and ears!  Hmmmm….

Still can snuggle with my girls - even though not being able to walk has been a tremendous downer, there is nothing like spending a minute with my girls to completely cheer me up!

Sitti came to help us out!  Thank you Sitti for all your love!!!  My girls loved having you visit!

trying to see the good times during all this leg crap: my neighbor (who never had any kids of her own) reads to Mila.  

Sitti is a bright light in our lives!

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