Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mila upon waking up

If we can, we like to all go in when we hear Mila talking after she's woken up.  We all open the door together and sing her "Good morning to you" even if it's the afternoon.  Mila is smiling and happy about 95% of the time she wakes up - what a blessing!

 She still sleeps in her woombie swaddle blanket, but it feels good to stretch when she wakes up!

 little feet!

 The Avi crawls in bed to snuggle with her sister.

I love how Avi is cradled around her sister - protecting and loving on her.

Mila likes her toes!

 Avi started acting a little too "wild" so we took Mila out of the crib and let Avi jump her sillies out!

 Mila had just learned how to crawl just a few days before this!

Avi coaching her sister on, probably saying something like "Ok Little Mila, you can do it.  You can crawl, I know you can."  She's always talking real sweet encouraging words to her little sister.

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