Thursday, March 14, 2013

"the green"

The common "yard" in the middle of the cohousing we live in is called by my family "the green".  It is so fun there when a group of people spontaneously gather and play, chat, eat or just hang out.  Sometimes, Avi will wake up and want to go to the green at 7:30 in the morning - she doesn't realize that since it's morning and colder out that nobody will be there.  

Mila not crawling yet so she just hangs out on a blanket.

Neighbor Lucy acts as big sister to push Avi then play with Mila. 

Avi is always stopping by to give a little hug and kiss to her sister.  She loves her so much!

  Mila's first swing ride - and Avi gets to buckle her in!  Life couldn't get much better for Avi who likes to spend many moments of her days right now buckling and fastening her dolls and stuffed animals into different places. 

 Mila LOVES the swing!

...and is a little tired of it after a while....

Avi doesn't want to look at the camera.  Maren doesn't care, she's just happy to hold her "baby" for a minute!

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