Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Great Communicator

It can be said by Avi's constituency that her eloquence is unsurpassed in the baby world. And though there may be a bit of bias in that belief, it is hard to deny that when Avi talks, it is awfully cute. It doesn't matter that most of what's uttered are lyrical strings of garbley sounds and repetitions; her voice is the sound of music. In fact, we're so enamored when she speaks that we often whip out our iphones and try to record her whenever she delves into one of her engaging monologues, but 99.9% of the time, she evades us and begins shrieking to hold the phone. These kinds of shrieks are not musical and they're not cute. They're often piercing, painful, frustrating, and nearly enough to drive you to criminal behavior.

Fortunately, her good communication far outweighs the bad. Like when one of us has been away from her for a while and when we're reunited, she immediately has something extremely important to say or point out. You can see the intensity in her eyes as she struggles to articulate and finally resigns to pointing to some object in the room and exclaiming, "Daa!" But that's okay with us; Avi's making progress and she's got our vote anytime.

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