Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This Christmas Tree decorating takes lots of concentration! Actually, for every one ornament Avi put on the tree, she took off five!

We had a tiny tree this year, but to Avi it must of looked huge!

Avi's Christmas 2010 attire. Thanks to Sitti for the Panda Bear sweater and matching velour skirt and Gigi Louise for the ruby red shoes!

The Brajkovich side of Michael's family.

Playing with second cousin's Meagan and Emily.

Andy & Emily visiting us from Berlin. Emily is 3 month pregnant!

Bath in Costco plastic tub!

At China Peak snow summit. Avi's suited up appropriately for the cold weather.

She entertained all the dinners at the meal hut with her silly ways!

The babe can snowboard!

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