Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

...having time to sweep the floor seems like a luxury.

... you take an extra 5 seconds when opening the hot dishwasher to let the steam soak into your pores and call it a facial.

...you wonder (seriously wonder) if you'll fall asleep when walking.

...you dream of taking mini-vacations to the grocery store alone.

...you sigh relief when you've put conditioner in you hair because that means you've almost made it through your shower without being disrupted.

...you don't even bother going clothes shopping because you know the only thing you wear that people look at anymore is a baby.

...your boobs are always lopsided because one is more full with milk than the other.

... 5 straight hours of sleep seems like an impossible dream.

...you actually love all this craziness and want another... someday!

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