Tuesday, April 6, 2010

story time

Avi is really, really into books right now. She will concentrate on them for an amazing length of time for a nine-month-old. She will look at the pages as if they were moving artwork unfolding a new world before her, even though they are just colorful cardboard two-dimension drawings. Her imagination is working, you can just see it in her sparkling eyes. She even turns the pages herself, and she knows they go from right to left - isn't that amazing?!

Daddy is a great story teller. Avi is intent on the story.

Even though the books are interesting to look at, Daddy's moving lips are just as intriguing.

And it's always nice to have a foot to go along with a good story.


  1. Michael, those pics of you and Avi, bring back such loving memories of me reading to you!! Those pics of Avi are so beautiful. Keep them coming. Love, Mom