Thursday, November 12, 2009

our Big Sur trip!

We had our first official camping trip to Big Sur.  The trip was great - beautiful weather and huge surf to lull us to sleep at night!  The one difficulty was in putting Aveah to bed.  She goes to sleep around 6:00pm, but mom and dad aren't ready for bed then.   At home, we put her in her room, turn off the lights, and close the door.  Well, in a 22-foot RV, you can't close the door because there is no other room!  So, the first night we tricked her - we turned on the stereo really loud to a radio station that was static - this drowned out all noises - and we put a little blanket over her head to cover the light.  But the second night she was not up for this - so we had to turn off the lights and go to bed with her around 7:00pm - which was actually nice - we needed the sleep!

The view from our campsite.

Avi got lots of kisses all trip long.

I LOVE this picture of my husband/best friend/lover/Avi's father & my little love, Avi!

Avi did lots of hiking, though she let us do most of the walking.  Here she's asleep in the Ergo Baby on Maren's back.

This rock had amazing waves crash through it.  Check out our photo blog to see another picture of it.

Sneaking a peek at Avi sleeping.

Here we are at Nepenthe - the nicest restuarant in Big Sur.

Checking out an art gallery with some amazing water fountains/waterfalls!

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