Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poop: this ain't for sissies!

Pooping.  Though you may think the picture says it all, oh you are wrong, there is so much to be said about infant poop.  First of all, it doesn't smell bad.  Actually, it smells sort of sweet.  Next, poop doesn't always stay in the diaper - as seen in this picture, it can travel up the front torso.  It can also shoot up the back, get onto the baby's clothes (even through several layers of clothes) and occasionally land on the holder's clothes (speaking from experience).  The act of pooping also has an amazing sound - it's like a high speed wet fart!  I think we, as adults, would have more fun going to the bathroom if our poops sounded half as cool!  Lastly, (though could there ever be an end to this tantalizing subject) the clean-up takes an army sometimes - equiped with extra clothes, tons of wipees, a mat or two to change upon, and sometimes extra hands to hold baby up and out of the mess! 

Notice how her face isn't showing?  I did this so I wouldn't be tempted to use this picture as blackmail someday, say, at her wedding reception dinner slideshow.

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  1. wow! That is one intense poop! Camille had her biggest blowout yesterday and it went all the way up to her neck and down the side of her arms - all I could do was pick her up and drop her in the tub. Oh the joys of parenting!