Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby sleep, part 2

Okay, I'm bitting my tongue now.  After my last post about Avi not sleeping well, the whole situation has changed.  She must have read my post!  No, really, as with most parenting problems, the real problem lies not with the child, but with the parent. She is now able to put herself to sleep and sleeps by herself (until mommy and daddy go to bed and join her).  I was wrongly putting her to bed when we went to bed - around 10pm.  She was sleeping in the carrier as I walked around the house working - so I thought, she's sleeping, so it's okay.  But she much prefers to have a bath around 6:30, be swaddled and then laid in bed with some lullaby playing on the iPod stereo.  Mommy rubs her tummy and chest for about 5-10 minutes to make sure she is settled and then I walk out!  Avi is still awake when I leave, but miraculously, she's asleep next time I check on her (which I have to do, even though I have the monitor - I just miss seeing her little face).  Wow, what a new world this opens for us!  I have 3+ hours of freedom at night now.  Michael and I watched a whole movie undisturbed for the first time in 3 months.

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  1. Good job Mommy, that is so great! I love it when they like to sleep on their own! Enjoy your 3 hours of freedom! It may not be like that for too long, they seemed to change on you real quick! Lots of phases and stages with little ones :)