Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014

Avi bandaging and feeding her toy turkey - she's such a caring and loving good mom

 Daddy dancing in Avi's shoes and Mila dancing in Daddy's shoes.  Ya know, just a normal morning around here.

Trader Joe's run with Lucy.

The first real rain of the season!  

Avi and Tessa being silly fairies

Avi's art class masterpiece

Mimi and Boppy took the girls to the Avila playground so that Michael and I could go to Avila Hot Springs.  Then we met for dinner afterwards!  Aaahhhh….

Mila now gets up on stage at BooBoo's Music time with her sister.  She even dances a few moves when the music moves her…!

Aveah "reads" to her sister sometimes.  It's super sweet!

Avi painted red watercolor on her checks - my little Raggedy Ann!

Avi helping her sister put her shoes on.

We left Mila alone with the watercolors for about 1 minute and this happened!

Mila dresses herself now - or at least tries to!

Swim bottoms double as a hat! 

Avi loves sushi!

Love those thigh chunks!

Avi wanted to join Mila for the naked butt shots!

looking at the beautiful sunset where we live.  notice Avi's gentle touch on the back of Mila's neck?  

Mila's first commercial coffee (aka hot chocolate).

Aveah (second from left) waiting so patiently in line for a chance to jump on the trampoline.

Aveah took this picture of Mila sleeping for me.

art class Avi

Avi helps put away the dishes while Michael washes them.  Life is good for mama!

look how Mila's slumped so comfortably in to the couch!

Sitti and Mila at BooBoo's

sleepy smiley mila.  oh how i love this little girl!

Pismo Heights

Sitti walking the girls to see the chickens

Sitti helping Avi with her reading lesson. 

Aveeah helping Mila with her watercolor lesson!

all of a sudden I looked around us at the grocery store and I said in a panic, "Where's Mila?"  Avi laughed and pointed under the cart, then proceeded to climb under there with her!

 Sitti and the girls grew extra close this month.  They really love her!

Mila and Finn share a tub!

Mila's upset about something and starting to get her pout face on!

Pizza dinner with cousins!

long hair can double as a mustache!

Mila's starting to show a little interest in the potty - she even went a few tinkles in it the other day.

Just another morning in the Brajkovich house...

we fed this happy seal about 10 pounds of scrap salmon!

dinner picnic on the couch and movie night!

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