Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 2013

picnic on the green, means daddy laid down, means daddy closed his eyes, means mama took her snakc almonds and put them on daddy's closed eyes and made art.

Avi has been doing her own "make-up" with her watercolors.

got a new lens - 50mm f1.2

Mila can climb this whole slide on her own. She's 15 months.

Avi set up a shop

at trader joe's our grocery store - kids get to look for the stuffed dog "pearl" and then get a lollipop.  today i went to the store without avi so i took a picture of pearl to show her.  she gets a real kick out of where pearl must be hiding each time we go.

Mila LOVES this stacking toy!  She can play with it for minutes (which is like hours in baby time).

the band-aids are just for fashion.

unicorn theme at Kidical Mass!

Those eyes!

Big enough to sit and have snack at sissy's class.

gorgeous angel!

 my passion flowers.

made her own pizza at Tierra Nueva's 15th anniversary party!

Frank scared Mila by doing this face for the camera (above), so she was a little sad (below) for a few minutes... We all laughed at how serious she got, but mommy comforted her.

At Millie's 4th birthday party at Oceano Campground.
Making pinecone bird feeders with peanut butter and seeds!

Avi and I spent the night in Oceano Campground with Millie and her family.  Michael and Mila slept at home - just for comfort sake!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the whole world!  It started out foggy, but we climbed above the fog line and saw a beautiful day!

For a few days, Mila's favorite animal to carry around was this rubber duck - she even slept with it!

We go to Costco with Gigi - Mila and Gigi love each other!

Just a normal afternoon of dress up for Aveah.

Avi got the stomach bug.  Poor baby.  This was the first nap she has taken in maybe a year!

To get out, I put her in the wagon with a pillow, blanket and throw-up bowl (just in case).  She's sucking on a lollipop because nothing else would stay down.  Luckily, Mila and mama didn't get sick - but Michael did.

After 48 hours of staying home with 2 sick people, Mila and I went on a date to Avila!  

Family hike day in Los Osos Oak Preserve

Thanks to the stranger who offered to take these pictures!
My whole world, wrapped up in an ergo on my belly.  I love the symbolism of this picture.

Avi likes to squeeze her sisters cheeks.  I have no idea why...  

At BooBoo's music with Marley & Teacher Heidi.

First official Daddy-Daughter date!  They went to Madonna Inn and ate and danced!  Then had ice cream at Doc Burnsteins!  Heck, that sounds like a good date to Mama!

Soon after this first date, we were at Marshall's store looking through the shoes for Avi.  Mama was looking for a pair of sporty shoes for Avi, but Avi wanted a pair of nice black shiny shoes. Mama said, Where would you wear those, though?  Avi immediately replied, When I go on a date with Daddy.

Mila is the messiest eater!  We have to call in our neighbor's dog to do clean up after many meals!

Breastfeeding and holding daddy's finger in the morning.

Avi's first time to the Oceano Melodrama to celebrate Lucy's 7th birthday.  Avi LOVED it!

Hiking Black Hill for the first time - what a gorgeous hike and day!

Avi has named the streets in our neighborhood - this is More St on the left and Jacaranda on the right.  Then she can tell me, I'm going to ride my bike on More St.

Getting way too skinny, way too quickly!

I took Avi to an adult party - she got all the teenagers there playing with her!

Hiked to Big Falls, but couldn't get the group up to the falls since it was a rock wall to scale the last 100 feet.  Note to self: go when you don't have babies!

She's been setting up her bed in the middle of the room and falling asleep there.

One of our favorite babysitters: Brooke!

We've been going to Avila Hot Springs as a family once a week, swimming, soaking, then getting pizza afterwards.  It's so much fun!  Mila just holds on while I backstroke.  We both are happy!  Avi can swim on her own!  Michael loves doing laps.

Avi's nicknames for us today: Bambi-Sqwuack, Aurora & Emma.  She wanted me to call her Emma for like 2 days straight. So I did.

Day in the life of snippets
Maren: I'm not going to let you watch a show because of the way you slammed the door.
Avi: Can I apologize?  You need to apologize. You say, "Can I still love you, Avi? Sorry"
Maren: Can I still love you, Avi?  But no show.
Avi hugs Maren

Avi: This is so yummy.  Amen.

Discussing what cows eat in the winter (yes, we have all kinds of discussions!): Avi says, "They can't eat snow because they would turn into snow cows."

"If you eat too much ice cream it will make you cough once at a time."-Aveah

"I'm going to look in the mirror to see how ridiculous I look." -Aveah

"When chickens eat plants, they have eggplants." -Aveah

"I have to 'have' because Daddy says little girls behave." -Aveah

After feeding the animals at a petting zoo, Avi wisely says "Let's let them go & spend their lives."

"Mila I missed you so much. I haven't seen you in so long. I missed your chunky face." - Aveah, after not seeing Mila for several hours.

"That spider hurt my feelings." -Aveah

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