Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Social Smiler

Around 2 months old, Mila started smiling like crazy.  At first, she would smile like that mostly for her dad.  Then she started smiling at everyone.  A few weeks after she started smiling, we get these email noticifcations about what your baby should be doing this week", well it said "your baby may be smiling soon - this is called social smiling"  If it's called social smiling, then Mila is the biggest socialite around! She loves to smile!  She first opens her mouth really big as if surprised, then because she's really pleased she can open her mouth so wide she turns up the corners of her mouth into a smile, then her eyes crinkle into cute half moons and everyone nearby goes "Awwwww..."

Now at 3.5 months she's beginning to "bubble" on demand. She again first started doing this for Michael.  She would smile and blow bubbles while looking at him.  She's such a happy little baby!  We love interacting with her so much!

Mila, today, me and you were playing, and I started to make silly faces for you and you thought that was hilarious!  It  is so fun that you are only 3 and half months old and starting to joke around and play.  Babies are amazing!

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