Friday, June 11, 2010

Aveah stands!

Today, right in front of our (amazed and proud) eyes, Avi stood on her own. Here's how the break-down of thousands of muscles fibers, millions of synapses, and days of dedicated practice worked out to get her to this momentous point in her life.

She was on her knees and hands. Slowly she lifted her knees off the ground. Then, tentatively lifted one hand in the air, while crouched , knees still bent, doubled at the waist. Finally, in a second of glory, lifted that remaining hand off the ground and began to stand up erect. Four adults (including her two parents) witnessed this gigantic feat of infancy and all four cheered when she stood among us (for the first time in her life). Immediately, she began crying: Why were we all screaming at her? After a few hugs from Ma & Pa she was ready to be let down on the ground again, but alas, no more miracles to perform in this day.