Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ever since Avi has been born, life has been more difficult - I'm not gonna lie. Waking up 2-8 times a night, breastfeeding on demand, lugging around baby stuff (and a limp, helpless little baby), and emotionally caring for and being responsible for another person definitely is a challenge. Having said all that, I, Maren, feel great! I don't know what's to praise: hormones, unmeasurable love for my child, the humans spirit rising to the task set before itself, the Almighty God in Heaven... but, basically, I feel splendid. Granted, most of the time, my mental state has been in a foggy cloud, but physically I am super-woman, nay: SUPERMOM! Who knew that I could survive, let alone, thrive on 4-6 hours of sleep a night? Who knew you could skip meals (because you just don't have time to sit down and eat never mind cook yourself a meal) and feel so energized? Who knew that you could be around sick babies, yet not get their little germs? The human body, the human soul, the mothering instinct is amazing! I love this journey!

If I could bottle this stuff, I would.

postscript: now having said all these wonderful things, I just want to knock on cyber-wood and ward off double-pneumonia, a broken ankle, and leprosy.


  1. Maren you are amazing, and surely super-mom is an understatement! Thanks for sharing and documenting yur path of motherhood. I find it very inspirational, and cannot wait to meet Avi someday.

  2. Maren, I have watched you with Avi, and you are such a wonderful, loving,and caring "MOM" Avi, has truly been blessed with such wonderful parents. I'm soooo very proud of you! Mom Jules