Friday, August 14, 2009

Maren's (small) Family

After writing a post on Michael's family, I figured I'd better prove that I have family too - regardless of how small.  So here are some random pictures gathered over the last month of Avi's new family - the Pedersen and Dudley side.  

Avi getting kissed by Grammy Peggy.

Maren, Mary Cooper (Maren's second cousin), Oretta (Maren's paternal grandmother's sister who is 94 years old), and Aveah (looking rather funny in this picture).

Auntie Margie, who is a mere 92 years old, with Aveah just a week old.

Maren's brother Brant, his wife Aryn and Baby Avi enjoying siestas, shoulder rubs, and hugs respectively.

Grandpa Paul who's getting the hang of holding Avi.  Doesn't she look peaceful?

Aveah wearing her iPod onsie (which is what we gave to Maren's parents to break the news that Maren was pregnant).  

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  1. Hi Avi!

    Grampy and I took care of you when you were only a couple of months old because your Mom and Dad had to do an engagement shoot. We traveled all the way to Orange County to babysit you for about 6 hours. The only way I could keep you contented was to put you in the Ergo baby and WALK WALK WALK WALK. But you and I made i through it, but I think we were both equally relieved when your Mom could take over again, That was an interesting day to say the least!!!!