Friday, November 28, 2008

Growing fingers!

If you check out the "widget" on the upper left side of our blog, you will see a calendar countdown for each week of the baby's growth. Each Wednesday, we wait to check to see what is happening in Maren's belly - not wanting to spoil the mystery by skipping ahead! This week, week 8, we found out that the baby is growing fingers and toes! Can you believe it?! Maren told Michael this was a pretty important event in one's life. For example, one might have a really important day interviewing for a new job, going to their brother's wedding, or maybe even giving a speech to foreign dignitaries! But nothing compares in importance and capability as being able to grow fingers!

Go little baby!

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  1. Hello Michael, (and beautiful wife)! I am your Mom Julia's cousin by marriage. I am married to her cousin , Ray Prieto. More importantly, your Mom and I were great friends growing up. Please add me to your emails so I can see your little Gift from God as he/she grows! Linda Prieto